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Price: $15.00

August 15, 2009
7:00 pm

A TRIBUTE TO the late Johnny Cash and June carter Cash’s musical legacy.

The show features Cash’s classic songs as well as his later works. In this multi-media presentation the characters of Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash are portrayed by international performers Doug Allen and Nicole Evans. Nashville recording artist and CMA member Doug Allen has performed in over eighty countries and has been the recipient of the United States Department of Defense’s Certificate of Esteem Award and the Certificate of Appreciation Award for his work in entertaining US troops overseas. He has also received the Republic of Korea’s Apple of Excellence Award. Mr. Allen states that he would always remember the open dialogue that Johnny shared with him in their meetings and that he was inspired to perform Cash’s music because of them.Doug Allen captures the physical appearance, vocals, speech, mannerisms and spirit of the immortal Johnny Cash. Strong chemistry and comedic interaction between Johnny and June combined with larger than lifeprojected big screen images,great vocals, and an “A List” musician band that captures the authentic Cash sound; This is “Cash Forever the Tribute”.