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July 12, 2014
7:00 pm

All fun aside, Jason D. Williams is truly one of Memphis and the Mid-South’s most electrifying showmen, having performed throughout the region and across the globe for private and public events of all types, from MTV to the White House!

Jason D. Williams is sometimes called a throwback to Jerry Lee Lewis – and perhaps rightly so – as he blows your mind with his on-stage antics, brilliant piano playing, and familiar renditions of rock-a-billy hits from yesteryear. But Jason is much more than that – yes, he is a pure entertainer. One minute crowds are doubled-over laughing hysterically from his off the cuff spontaneous comedy, and the next minute they are on their feet dancing and clapping as his non-stop-stream-of-consciousness-ride is off and running!

If you haven’t ever seen Jason D. Williams perform, consider making a trip! He’s that good. That entertaining. That timeless. That unique.

Enthusiastic, Reckless, Stormy, Rock & Roll in its natural state … This explains why the Kansas City Star Pronounced Jason D. Williams as “the past and future of rock & roll.” The Beacon Journal dubbed him as “The worlds greats piano player.” Most importantly this reminds you of why you got into rock & roll in the first place, to get a little wild.

After seeing a live show there will be no doubt why fans and critics alike agree with that summation of the dynamic piano player from Memphis. Jason D. has the same musical innovation and on the edge attitude as Jerry Lee and Elvis.

Jason’s’ style is difficult to describe. From Classical to Rockabilly to County to Jazz and on to Rock & Roll, Jason D. adapts to each different concert setting he performs.

Television cameras love Jason’s energy and style. He has appeared on such shows as MTV’s News at Night, MTV The Week in Rock, Pat Sajak Show, LIVE! on ABC, Regis and Kathie Lee Show, VH1, VH1′s This is Country, Crook & Chase, Nashville Now, Music City Tonight, Entertainment Tonight, that’s just to name a few.

Jason is on the road over 200 days a year playing to crowds in every setting, from clubs to amphitheaters and many corporate sponsored events. Jason D. is unique, talented and full of raw energy. This is one act you have to see and hear to believe

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