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May 14, 2016
7:00 pm
The Wright Brothers

Their show’s as unpredictable as Indiana weather. One moment it’s the thunder and lightning of one of their trademark, dramatic story songs; the next, it’s the summer breeze of a sweet and gentle love song. Whatever the genre the Wright Brothers are visiting at the moment, it’s bound to be marked by this versatile group’s signature sounds: rich, intertwining harmonies backed by virtuoso instrumentals.

The Wright Brothers’ thirty-eight years of making music together is testimony to their ability to bring a smile to every member of their audience. And often it’s as much a smile of surprise as of pleasure; the boys move seamlessly from a 1940′s pop standard to a reworking of a Beatles classic. What is most interesting is that this incredibly versatile group can change gears like no other group as they play a 40′s big band song then switch to a 50′s – 90′s rock ‘n roll for an entire evening of dancing, then turn around and perform a George Jones country classic or a bluegrass number from “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou”? And what’s best is the different styles sound the way they are supposed to – genuine. The glue that holds it all together is that unmistakable Wright Brothers sound; those heavenly harmonies that make you hold your breath, and the instruments that sizzle or soothe.

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